Forensic Science Workshop: A Case of Conspiracy?

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Touring Australia 2014 & 2015

This case highlights how the glamour of drugs and easy money can lead to a web of deceit, murder and betrayal. A young man is accused of the crime and all the evidence points to his guilt, but is he really the murderer?

THE SCENE: An 18 year old boy is arrested for a murder which he claims to know nothing about. The murdered man was found next to a burnt out car in bushland. There are no signs of a struggle and bullet wounds appear to be the cause of death. A gun, drugs and a stash of money were found at the home of the accused.

THE EVIDENCE: Students examine the crime scene, analyse the evidence collected and interpret the forensic test results including autopsy, DNA matching, ballistics, tyre impressions, witness and suspect statements and much more.

THE OUTCOME: There are four suspects including the accused boy. Some of the evidence is inconclusive and contradictory. Using their worksheets, students must interpret the evidence and build a case by a process of elimination to expose the real murderer.

Suitable for:

  • year 7
  • year 8
  • year 9
  • year 10


  • QLD
  • NSW
  • ACT
  • VIC
  • SA
  • W

    The programme is aligned to Key Learnings as set out by the ACARA National Curriculum. A Curriculum Relevance Statement can be downloaded from our Teacher Resources page.

    Our workshops are fully accredited by Education Queensland, Reference #294.

    • Pre-activities available
    • Post-activities available

    Dates & Times:

    Workshops are designed for groups of up to 60 students and up to 4 workshops per day can be booked. Workshops run for 60-90 minutes to suit your timetable.

    More information:

    Student worksheets are to be completed during the workshop and can be download from our resources page.

    The presentation is held in your school hall or equivalent. The area must be indoors and have power. Tables will be required for displaying the equipment but no seating is required.


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    Provider Information

    Education Interactive

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    Education Interactive

    Suite 1, 277 Condamine Street
    Manly Vale, NSW , 2093

    Phone: (02) 8413 3510
    Fax: (02) 9949 5548
    Email: enquiries@educationinteractive....
    Cursions ID: 2099


    Venue details:

    • None given

    Staff Qualifications

    • Founder Richard Forrest - MSc: Forensic Science
    • Manager & Developer - James Finger BSc (Hons): Forensic Chemistry• Presenter Alissa Van Soest - MSc: Science Communication
    • Presenter Alison Leck - BA: Communications

    Business Accreditations

    Education Interactive is an Australian-owned company based in Sydney. Our workshops have been touring Australia, UK & Ireland since 2005 and in that time our forensic science shows have been seen by more than 200,000 students in over 700 schools.

    Our workshops were created by our two Forensic Scientists, Richard Forrest and James Finger. To ensure scientific accuracy and educational relevance, the programme content was developed in collaboration with:

    � Centre For Forensic Science, University of Technology, Sydney
    � Centre For Forensic Science, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
    � Australian Federal Police Forensic Science Unit
    � High School Science Teachers, Australia, UK & Ireland

    Further information

    During our interactive Forensic Science workshops students examine evidence recovered from the crime scene, suspects and victims. Theories are developed, tested and accepted or rejected as they interpret the evidence. Students use deductive reasoning to solve the crime by building a case to prove who did it, what happened, how and why.

    We currently have three travelling workshops on offer:

    High School: "A Case of Conspiracy?"
    & "A Case of Identity?"

    Primary School: "A Case of Discovery"

    For more info on each , please refer to our other listings on the Cursions website, or head directly to our website.

    Additional information


    "The kids loved it! Obviously CSI has put this science on the map and it has a certain "glamour rating" with them, but the content was great and everyone came out of the sessions talking about how they solved the crime."
    - Daylesford College, Victoria

    "It was good for our older kids to be made aware of issues like drink spiking."
    - Barham High School, NSW

    "I used your presentation as a reward, which was a risk because I needed a great show to make it a genuine reward - and you delivered! The kids absolutely loved it."
    - Echuca High School, Victoria

    "Students enjoyed the entire day, especially the second group that included our Year 12 students. It was very useful for careers as well."
    - Penshurst Girls High School, NSW

    "A Case of Identity was an excellent show which has inspired much interest within our year 7 - 9 students. We are very keen to have your company visit again."
    - St Philomena's School, Queensland

    "An outstanding presentation - the best I have witnessed in a long time. The presenter was great, the kids engaged - couldn't be better."
    - Oak Flats High School, NSW

    "It was an excellent presentation that provided a good amount of subject knowledge & kept the students thoroughly entertained."
    - Grace Lutheran College, Queensland


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