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Type: School Incursion

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A range of innovative hands on incursions to stimulate students into the exciting new world of robotics. Robotic Movement, simple machines, wheels and gears, forces and effects, physics and motion, mechanical engineering, energy, levers and pulleys.

The students will use a modular Robtix system that enables the undertaking of Mechanical Movement and principles of science.

We also have the ability due to systems flexibility to develop different grade programs to meet teachers and grade requirements. Examples of programs inlcude: Level Logic, Pulley Power, On The Move, Your Favourite Toy, Your Favourite Material or Structure, Forces and Movement.

These interdisciplinary learning topics can be modified to meet your school/students requirements. The students are given a specific scenario as discussed with the teacher and have to work in teams designing, evaluating and creating robots to carry out specific tasks eg. Rescue Robots for hurricane effected areas or Sports Athletes getting the longest drive in golf. All materials are provided.

In addition to these we also have a range of innovative thinking and 'maths active learning' programs.

Suitable for:

  • prep
  • year 1
  • year 2
  • year 3
  • year 4
  • year 5
  • year 6
  • year 7
  • year 8
  • year 9
  • year 10


All our incursions are compliant with the Australian Curriculum, and we are constantly seeking out new and exciting technologies and advancements to continue to be industry leaders in providing relevant and stimulating material.

  • Pre-activities available
  • Post-activities available

Dates & Times:

Group Size: 20 (min) to 30 (max)

More information:

Costs: All workshops are charged per student per hour and GST can be claimed back. Additional costs may apply depending on the workshop. For most incursions we travel in a motorhome and provide all the equipment, a surcharge may apply for large travel distances. This surcharge can be avoided by networking with other schools in your region and involving them so that we can stay in an area for a longer period of time. Minimum charges apply for all incursions.


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Provider Information

Robotic Education

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Robotic Education

PO Box 461
Belmont, VIC, 3216

Phone: 0417 272 880
Cursions ID: 1545


Venue details:

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Business Accreditations

working with children primary teacher

Further information

If you enjoy construction, electronics, or programming, then robotics is for you.

Our online store contains a large range of different robots and related products for the beginner right through to the experienced user.

Robotics has a huge range of kits and purpose built robots. We stock all the big brands including OWI, Arrick, Lego Mindstorms, Fischertechnic, Robotix, Logiblocs, Lynxmotion, The educational robot,Roamer Robosapien, Accessories and Home Personal Robots.

Refer to our website to check out our shop.

Additional information

Our requirements?

A ground floor class room to be used for all classes. It is important the same room is used because transporting all the equipment between sessions is impractical. Access to the room one hour before and after the session for preparation and packing up. Tables and chairs are not needed.

We travel in a self sufficient motor home. If possible, parking and staying on school grounds would be greatly appreciated. We generally arrive the day before an incursion so this includes the night before the incursion is run. It is a 23 foot long motorhome and we carry up to 20 fifty five litre boxes full of equipment. For this reason parking closer to the room where the session will be run is best, however please keep the size of the motorhome in mind.


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